Jun 6, 2021

“Parents 7-Part Series”
Leader’s Guide Bundle


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The “Understanding Your Parents 7-Part Series” Bundle includes the full series of Leader Guides for all seven of the Teen Topic Understanding Your Parents Series (Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Conclusion). This series is designed to help students better understanding the God-given role parents have in their lives, and, in turn, better understand the expectations God has for them within the parent-child relationship. This series focuses on a variety of issues, from helping students appropriately handle frustrations they may have with their parents to learning the importance of being an active participant in their homes. Students will gain a better appreciation for their parents and learn how being an encouragement can greatly strengthen the relationship they have with them.

Leader Guides are designed to enhance the teaching of the Teen Topics lessons. You’ll receive a download link via email for each Leader Guide that includes two full pages of leader notes, commentary, taking points, discussion questions, and more! Have trouble getting your group talking? Use the fun intro question to engage your learners. Want a way to end each lesson with meaning? Use the gospel tie-in and ending challenge to keep students thinking about the lesson throughout the week!

To learn more about Leader Guides: See a SAMPLE HERE.