Personal Bible Study
A pursuit of God is always coupled with a desire to know His Word. The Bible is the source from which we can hear from God. For this reason, personal Bible study can be the richest and most significant aspect of a believer’s life. can serve as a helpful resource to offer direction in your study of God’s Word. From working through a New Testament book study, to exploring a topical series, each of the various lessons will give you sound teaching based on Scripture. As you prepare for your study, take note of the following suggestions for getting the most out of your devotional time:
  • Select the desired lesson and click on the format that works best for you. The electronic format is used for online reading, while the printable lessons provide the option of using a hard copy. If printing the lessons, it will be helpful to get a binder to compile your lessons and keep them organized.
  • Approach each lesson with the desire to increase your understanding of God and His Word. Take time to read the biblical passages cited and contemplate their significance. In particular, consider the implication of what each passage says to you specifically.
  • Apply what God is telling you through the study of His Word. Determine the practical application of how you plan to live out each lesson. Journaling or taking note of what impacts you the most, as well as noting how you will apply each lesson, can be a great record of what God is doing in your life!
Regular Bible study will help increase your knowledge of God’s Word, mature you in your faith, and direct you to be who God has called you to be. As you hear from God and actively listen, you will find that God’s Word will speak deep into your life, transforming not only your thoughts, but the entirety of who you are!


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