Lesson Format

Understanding the Lesson Format

Each lesson is available in two formats: an electronic format and a printable format.

Electronic Format: The electronic format is intended to be used for studying online. Simply select the desired lesson, open the first link, and the lesson will open in your screen browser. You will notice some words are underlined. This is because the full format includes a leader copy, as well as a student copy which has blanks that can be filled in. The electron copy is the leader page with the blanks filled in. The Scripture references are linked to an online Bible (www.biblia.com) for the convenience of offering easy access to the biblical passages. Simply clicking on any reference will bring up the passage in the current tab, or “Ctrl + click” to open the passage in a new tab.

Printable Version: The printable version is a PDF document containing three pages. Page 1 consists of a leader (mentor) copy on the left side of the page with the key words and answers filled in, along with the corresponding student page on the right side with the key words and answers left blank. When printed, the page can be cut in half, providing one leader copy and one student copy. Page 2 provides two additional leader copies, and Page 3 provides additional student copies for use as needed. To maintain the intended page margins when printing the PDF document, select the “actual size” option (as opposed to “fit to page”) under the printing options.

Note: The leader copy provides the “answers” for the blanks on the student copy, though in some studies (for example, the Book Studies), the answers on the leader copy simply give guidance as to the general “correct” answer, though not necessarily always the only correct answer.

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